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virtual boudoir experience

60 min.



imagine feeling the empowerment of a boudoir session,but from comfort of YOUR OWN HOME!! homebody meet your sexiest desires in ways you didn't know were possible! virtual boudoir was born from the year-long pandemic that kept most of us at home; now we can celebrate YOU from wherever you can hold a quality wifi connection via an iphone to iphone facetime call!

following your session, you can expect your digital edits in 60 days, as long as life is moving along on my end without any unforeseen circumstances!


I M P O R T A N T :

virtual sessions vary in quality, which is directly dependent on the series of iphone you have to complete our call on. I highly recommend borrowing a friend's iphone if you're an android or samsung user, as the iphone to iphone facetime calls are what allow us to capture the best virtual photos of you!

a strong wifi connection or a high quality 5g connection that allows for consistently clear facetime calls is REQUIRED.

you feelin' confident, + ready to do the dang thing?!


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