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virtual branding experience

45 min.



it's a post-pandemic era, + you're looking for new + convenient ways to liven up your brand + give your social media + web pages a fresh glimpse at your post-quarantine look; how do you capture effortlessly sleek + vibey photos from the comfort of your home?

we do it with virtual branding, baby!

I'm located in Illinois, but as long as you have an iphone + a quality wifi connection, we can shoot nearly ANYWHERE! I have experience capturing individual badassery for more personal projects, + unique brand imagery with women located in Ireland, Australia, Canada, Chile, LA, Miami, Texas + more! in a world we're less familiar with, I've got you! just think of me as your well-versed virtual guide <3


I M P O R T A N T :

virtual sessions vary in quality, which is directly dependent on the series of iphone you have to complete our call on. I highly recommend borrowing a friend's iphone if you're an android or samsung user, as the iphone to iphone facetime calls are what allow us to capture the best virtual photos of you!

a strong wifi connection or a high quality 5g connection that allows for consistently clear facetime calls is REQUIRED.

you feelin' confident, + ready to do the dang thing?!


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