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virtual couples experience

60 min.



imagine feeling the empowerment of a boudoir session, combined with that sexy, gushy, can't-get-enough feeling you get when you snuggle up close to the human you love... now imagine it in the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME, with me only taking photos remotely!!! your comfort zone meets your sweetest desires, REMOTELY!

whether you + your honey are tossing around in your sheets at home, running butt naked through nature, embracing the intimacy of a shower at your place, or you're snuggled up in my in-home studio, I trust that not only will we be capturing some of MY favorite photos, but we'll also be capturing YOUR favorite memories together in perfectly imperfect stills of some of the messiest, sexiest, snuggliest moments of this chapter.

following your session, you can expect your digital edits in 60 days, as long as life is moving along on my end without any unforeseen circumstances!


I M P O R T A N T :

virtual sessions vary in quality, which is directly dependent on the series of iphone you have to complete our call on. I highly recommend borrowing a friend's iphone if you're an android or samsung user, as the iphone to iphone facetime calls are what allow us to capture the best virtual photos of you!

a strong wifi connection or a high quality 5g connection that allows for consistently clear facetime calls is REQUIRED.

you feelin' confident, + ready to do the dang thing?!


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